2.5" FINESSE SHAD UV Quantity 10 50% OFF SALE

C$5.25 C$2.50

2.5" FINESSE Shad soft ,flexible,durable and Full Uv (Neon Green and Clear Sparkle , Salt and Pepper have Florescent Glow added for the dusk and dawn  a little  GLOW always helps . 

Packed full of our North Shore Edge bait scent.

* Full action, soft flexible with great tear strength, drop shot, jigged or as a swim bait 

Twitch, Twitch is all you need.

* Add them to a North Shore Tackle inline spinner, or Jig,bottom bounce.

* Add them to a Ned Jig, as a option to the turd stick bait.

* Multi species Trout, Salmon,Bass, walleye, Pike.

Choose your colour from the drop down tab.

Green Pumpkin Sparkle ( Gold Metallic flake) UV

Clear Sparkle ( silver Metallic and Glow) UV

Great lakes Goby (Root beer Black and Silver Metallic flake) UV

Two Tone White / Clear Sparkle  UV

Perch Sparkle ( Red and Gold Metallic flake ) UV

Salt and Pepper (Silver Metallic flake and Glow) UV

Honey Sparkle ( Silver and red metallic flake ) UV