3 INCH CHARTRUSE GLOW two tone quantity 20


Two Tone CHARTREUSE  GLOW /white  Trout worm 3" where specifically  made for Eastern Canada and the USA .

 Your dirty water specialist, a little glow always helps.

Dusk and Dawn ,Deep and Dark , Grey and Brown water conditions,Fresh water and Salt water tested  a little glow always helps.

Recharge with a flash light, cellphone UV light is the fastest, light day light ,(they are not a flash lights under water But will hold there glow for along period of time.  

soft, flexible,durable, full action when fished whacky ,Trout,Salmon,pan fish , a full multi  species worm.

Multi species Trout, Salmon,Perch,Panfish, Crappie, Walleye or Pickerel 

Add them to Our Sonic Blade inline spinner, or Jig head.