SOFT PLASTIC BEADS 10 mm 50 per pack

C$5.25 C$4.50

Our North Shore Tackle  SOFT BEAD have full UV and transparent characteristics, 50 per pack.

SOFT, DURABLE,  and easy to use, with or with out a bobber stopper.

Hook them on the Hook or on line them like a hard bead, using a bobber stop .

Add scent to keep that scent tail going.

When your roe bag is not working try something different,tandem beads hard and soft.

UV reactive products allow the fish to see the bait in a different light spectrum.

Choose from the drop down 

BUBBLEGUM UV quantity 50

CHARTRUSE UV quantity 50 ,

PEACH UV quantity 50 

222 PEACH UV quantity 50 , 

NEON ORANGE UV Quantity 50

Please View our  Youtube instructions on how to line your cluster with out an added bobber stopper,

and separating the egg cluster to fit all your water needs.